Paladin Digital will always work within your budget.

After the initial consultation, we will be able to give you a best-guess estimate of how much it will cost to design your site.

We charge a reasonable hourly rate for design and maintenance services. Your first consultation is free.

Referral Plan
We offer a free hour of service for all paid referrals. If you refer a potential customer to us and they engage our services, we will credit you with an hour of design or maintenance.

Domain Name
Purchasing a domain name, (e.g. is easy and inexpensive. Prices which were once $35.00 a year are now as low as $8.95.

Hosting Plans
Once you've secured your domain name, you will want to choose a site to host your web pages. Hosting services range from as little as $5.95 to $25.00 a month, with the average user paying $9.95 a month.

Not-for-Profit Organizations
Special pricing consideration is given to registered 501(c) not-for-profit organizations.

Trading of Goods for Services
The barter system is very much alive and well. We are happy to discuss bartering goods for services.

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