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Paladin Digital provides a free consultation with no obligation.

Before your consultation, you should review the questions below. Knowing the answers will put you leagues ahead of your competitors, and help keep your costs down when it comes to designing your site.

Your consultation will address the following questions:

What is the purpose of your site?
Do you want to sell a product, showcase your photographic or artistic skills, profile your business, create a family tree, or an online resume?

Who is your target audience?
The design of your site will be based on your target audience. Are your potential visitors business professionals? family members? kids? A site for an up-and-coming rock musician will have a different look and feel than a site for a floral design business.

Who is your competition?
If you're in business, you'll want to look at your competitors' web sites. Figure out what you like and waht you don't like, what works and what doesn't work. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you figure out how to make your site beat he competition!

How will visitors navigate your site?
A simple, consistent and above all intuitive navigation system is the key to your site! Your visitors should be able to find the information they are seeking in one or two clicks.

How will you bring visitors deeper into your site?

Your home page is key! It should welcome your visitors, provide a minimum of text, and pleasant graphics. The information on the home page must be clearly defined, so that your visitors know what to do and where to go once they arrive.

How can I plan my site and save money?
A well designed site is always laid out on paper first, and is important for creating an intutitve navigation system. Having this blueprint laid out in advance will save you money in design work. We are happy to assist you in this critcal aspect of web design.

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